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The Director of College and Academic Counseling, proactively partners with parents, teachers, and staff to support the educational, personal, and vocational growth of tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students. This role will oversee all aspects of the College Counseling program and will provide students with comprehensive, individualized counseling to ensure academic and emotional progress, and planning for the college application process. In addition, the counselor will collaborate with faculty, staff, and parents to address any concerns.

Director of College and Academic Counseling Essential Job Functions:

– Leads and executes college information programs and workshops.
– Prepares all college counseling communications, including push-pages and targeted emails.
– Maintains and updates the College Counseling resource board on internal portal.
– Prepares annual course updates for the University of California and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
– Facilitates on-campus visits by college representatives.
– Communicates regularly with college admission counselors.
– Manages all college tours.
– Consults with Director of Counseling for college counseling-related budget items.

10th – 12th Grade Counseling Essential Job Functions:

– Meets with each student and parents in the spring of the junior year and in the fall of the senior year to plan and facilitate the college application process.
– Provides academic and social/emotional counseling and intervention to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors within the counselor’s caseload. Works with Administration, Director of Counseling, faculty, and staff to provide overall support for students as needed.
– Meets with students who are on academic probation or who have received academic deficiency notices and assists them in improving their performance.
– Assists students in identifying their interests and abilities and measure themselves in terms of what will be required of them in college.
– Oversees Naviance, Succeed, and SCOIR college planning programs.
– Helps students understand the purpose and nature of national testing programs (SAT and ACT) and the meaning of test scores.
– Applies for College Board and/or ACT accommodations for students who have a documented need.
– Keeps students informed about application procedures and deadlines, and publicizes off-campus college programs and events.
– Ensures that students are informed about scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
– Attends state, local, and professional meetings throughout the year to keep abreast of changing practices in college admission.
– Proctors Advanced Placement Exams.
– Completes secondary school reports and letters of recommendation, and coordinates the teacher recommendation request process.
– Maintains records of college admission for Louisville graduates.

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