By Kris Zavoli

Perkins loan funding expired on September 30.  We urge you to contact your House representative in the US Congress. (Background Information is attached.)

  1. Here is the House directory.  (Both Senators Boxer and Feinstein support restoring the funding, so we will focus on the House.)
  2. Below is sample language  (It is best to call.)

“I am [insert name].  I am a constituent of Representative [last name].  I am very disappointed that Congress did not reauthorize the Perkins Loan Program before it expired on September 30.  This is a critical program that helps thousands of low-income students afford college.  I strongly urge Rep [last name] to support Perkins.”

You may be asked for your address or contact information so that they can send a follow up letter explaining the Member’s position better.  It is up to you to leave that information or just say you are a constituent.

Please let me know if you have questions and if you contacted your US Congress member of the House.

By Kris Zavoli
Chair, WACAC Government Relations
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