Want to take your juniors on a west coast college tour? Do you have an idea to support students or education professionals from disadvantaged communities? Consider applying for a DEA Grant!

The Diversity, Equity and Access (DEA) Committee {https://wacac2.wpengine.com/committees/diversity-equity-and-access/} values your dedication to promoting equality and access among students in our western region. Through the DEA Committee, WACAC provides members financial support to advance the work of students from diverse backgrounds that are transitioning to college. The DEA Grants {https://wacac2.wpengine.com/resources/scholarships-grants/} are intended to support individuals with opportunities to attend professional development programs focused on underserved student populations or to create and implement innovative programs. Projects and programs funded by the DEA Grant should highlight the mission of our organization and be showcased to inspire others to follow. The DEA Committee appoints a DEA Grant Committee to oversee the program.
DEA offers two types of grants to DEA members:

Professional Development Grants

Provide financial assistance to an individual who might otherwise not be able to attend a professional development programs focused on working with underserved student populations. Below are some examples of conferences which are held annually as examples:

The average professional development award in 2015 was $1,000.

Special Project Grants

Provide financial assistance for innovative projects and programs serving diverse student populations. Special Projects may include, but are not limited to, college application workshops for high school or community college students; college tours; parent programs; bilingual college access events; college or professional panels; and funds for materials/resources. The average Special Projects award in 2015 was $1,500.


The DEA committee encourages all WACAC members to apply for either (or both) types of DEA Grants! The deadline to apply for a DEA grant is March 1, 2016.