Around the time of my last blog in November, I started my annual search for articles on predictions and trends for the job market in 2015.  Some trends are not surprising.  I’ve already been advising clients and students on the importance of actively networking for new connections and opportunities, keeping their Linkedin profiles updated on a regular basis, and that their internal referrals can help them find internships or jobs.  Other predictions for 2015 indicate that over 50% of employers plan to fill 10 or more positions in their companies this year; students with STEM education will continue to see a strong internship and job market; and having a social media presence will be critical for any college student and job seeker.  Recruiters and employers will continue to focus on social media to find candidates – by key skills, work and volunteer experience, education and internships posted on their profiles.

The trend that I find most interesting is that college grads might consider a dual-track job search.  First track is their degree and field of study.  The second track is – surprise – Sales!!  Think about it – sales skills require effective communications and interpersonal skills, with generally less focus on technical skills as for other jobs.  Sales and marketing skills can get a foot in the door – either in sales, marketing or management track – or – work that is aligned with the degree and field of study.  So, it might be worth taking a Sales or Marketing course in college – and make more students a successful sale to an employer.

Let’s make 2015 a successful year by staying networked and relevant, encouraging degrees and fields of study that produce real internships and jobs, and keep reinventing ourselves and our students.

Three articles to check out and share with your students:
A Dozen Critical Trends That Will Affect Employment Search in 2015 – Linkedin – Hank Boyer (10/21/14)
10 Workplace Trends for 2015 – Forbes – Dan Schawbel (10/29/14)
The Biggest Workplace and Career Predictions for 2015 – Time Inc. – Marty Nemko (12/30/14)

By Judi Garcia