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Elections 2019-20

Each year, WACAC members are asked to submit executive board nominations for review by the Governance and Nominations Committee and election by the association’s membership.

WACAC’s Executive Board is made up of 5 elected positions, National Assembly Delegates who are elected, and a host of committee chairs that are appointed by the Board. We are anchored by our Executive Assistant and aided by an Event Planner and a Technology Coordinator -our three paid positions.

The elected positions on the WACAC Board are (1) President – Elect (2) President (3) Past – President (4) Treasurer and (5) Secretary. A number of Delegates, determined by NACAC, are also elected.

Elections 2019-20

Following a call for candidates, the Governance and Nominations Committee of the 2018-2019 WACAC Executive Board presents the following nominees for the available Executive Board position of:



Phillip A. Moreno
Dickinson College

In considering this position, I think about the incredible group of people that I get to work with on all sides of the desk. I have been an admission professional for sixteen years at two institutions. I have had the pleasure to do this work within the state I have lived my entire life. From my first year as an admissions counselor trainee, to my leadership as a Director of Admissions and to now my position as a regional admissions representative, I have valued most the relationships I have built and maintained within the profession to guide students to college. I am excited about continuing this work as a leader of an organization that must continue to advocate for our profession on behalf of the students we serve.

View Phillip A. Moreno’s Application

2019 WACAC Assembly Delegate Election Slate

Marie Bury
Chapman University

Years in WACAC – 4
Years in NACAC – 8

View Marie Bury’s Assembly Delegate Application

Marcel Hite
Occidental College

Years in WACAC – 5
Years in NACAC – 2

View Marcel Hite’s Assembly Delegate Application

Allison Lopour

Years in WACAC – 14
Years in NACAC – 14

View Allison Lopour’s Assembly Delegate Application

Andy Losier
Francis Parker School

Years in WACAC – 13
Years in NACAC – 13

View Andy Losier’s Assembly Delegate Application

Candice Mackey
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies – LACES (Magnet)

Years in WACAC – 8
Years in NACAC – 8

View Candice Mackey’s Assembly Delegate Application

Kristine Shay
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Years in WACAC – 3
Years in NACAC – 29

View Kristine Shay’s Assembly Delegate Application

Jenny Uribe
Peninsula Bridge

Years in WACAC – 3
Years in NACAC – 3

View Jenny Uribe’s Assembly Delegate Application