2017 Meet in the Middle Conference Presentations

Below are all of the available presentations and handouts from the 2017 WACAC Meet in the Middle Conference. If you are looking for presentations or handouts not listed below, please contact the presenters directly.

General Conference Sessions

Opening Session – Dr. Kyle Reyes – Empowering Students to Become Authors of Their Own Stories
History of WACAC
Closing Session
Thank You to Our Sponsors

Session A

Session B

B.7: Finding Opportunities for Growth and Professional Development in Admissions
B.9: Learn How to Support Your International Students as They Apply to US Universities

Session C

C.2: Bring Flair to your College Fair!
C.7: Cracking the SAT and ACT: Using the Growth Mindset and Research out of Stanford to Improve Scores
C.9: Counseling Collaboration: Many Hats and Many Relationships

Session D

D.1: College Board Update on the SAT: Tools and Resources
D.2: I’ve Never Heard of That College—It Must Not Be Any Good!
D.4: Flip the Switch: Bringing Secondary School Experience to the College Admission Process
D.5: Navigating the Service Academy and ROTC Application Process
D.6: Get More Involved in WACAC and Advocate for Students
D.8: What High School Counselors Need to Know About Financial Aid
D:9: Tools for the Trade: Using Technology to Help You Become More Efficient with Your Time

Session E

E.3: Counseling While White: Creating More Culturally Responsive College Admission Counselors
E.4: Leading Through the Middle: Building Organizational Culture and Professional Development
E.6: Looking Beyond the Obvious: How to Get Your California Students to Think Beyond the Golden State
E.7: Finding Your Unique Self: The importance of Diversity in the College Admissions Process
E.8: Helping DREAMers Access and Graduate from College

Session F

F.2: Visual and Performing Arts Colleges and Careers: A Complete Guide
F.3: The 101 on International Education
F.4: Why Can’t We All Get Along?
F.6: Where Women Find Professional Fulfillment After the Rookie Years
F.7: UC Application Personal Insight Questions: Review and Advice Looking Ahead

Session G

G.3: E. Pluribus Honorem: Benefits of an Honors College Experience at Oregon State University and University of Arizona
G.9: Delivering Opportunity Through District Directions: A Partnership for Student Success

Session H

H.1: Grade “Eh” Education: Options for American students in Canada
H.3: Moving the Needle: Affecting College Access for Underrepresented Groups
H.5: Listen Up University of California!
H.7: But Where Do I Start?