Pre-Conference Workshops

Conference Attendees

We are SUPER excited to offer many great options pre-conference workshops. Those taking place on Monday, May 18th include a breakfast served from 7am to 8am.

IDEA Institute

Monday, May 18, 2015

This year’s IDEA Institute focuses on a topic that we believed was very timely for all of our regions. This theme is Undocumented: Understanding and Navigating the College Process. Our goal is to provide presentations that focus on providing background information, resources and support to help undocumented high school students understand their options and be successful in their college application process. Session topics could address state Dream Act initiatives, Deferred Action and funding, websites specifically designed to inform undocumented students, college preparation programs accessible to students in your area, and more.

Essentials for New Independent Counselors

Sunday, May 17th 2pm-5pm and Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Grand Ballroom 3)

Anyone new to the field (1- 3 years) should consider enrolling in this pre-conference workshop, which will be offered in a seven hour time block over a two day period (Sunday and Monday). The presenters will provide information on the ethics and knowledge required in the field, methods to acquire the knowledge, requirements and options for certification and professional memberships, how to start and maintain a business, and how to get the most out of the Super Conference and other professional development opportunities.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Independent Counselors[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]Katy Murphy, Director of College Counseling, Bellarmine College Preparatory
Claire Nold-Glaser, Independent College Counselor, College Planning Help
Steve Syverson, Retired Dean of Admissions, Lawrence University
Joan Thomas, Independent College Counselor, College Mapping[/span10] [/row]

Middle Management Institute

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Grand Ballroom 1)

Focusing on: what is middle management, how do you become a successful middle manager and how do you grown in to the role. This session aims to develop your skills as a mentor and leader, and will help you create a greater understanding of a middle managers’ role, ultimately our goal is to address: attrition, staff turnover and the misconception that admissions is not a professional or lifelong career.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Post-Secondary Admissions Professionals, Community College Counselors, Community Based Organizations[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]Michael Sass, Assistant Director of Admissions, Gonzaga University
Heather Daniels, Associate Director, Colorado State University
Kelly Norris, Associate Director, Colorado State University
Michael Elgarico, Director of Undergraduate Admission, California Lutheran University[/span10] [/row]

Naviance: Maximize, Strategize, and Analyze

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Grand Ballroom 5)

This session features a panel of experienced Naviance users who will share practical advice on some of the most commonly used features and provide updates on the newest additions. They will be sharing their best practices and providing valuable advice on how to make sure this powerful tool is fully being utilized on your campus. Novice and experience users are encouraged to attend.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Post-secondary Admissions Professionals, Community College Counselors, Community Based Organizations[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Moderator: [/span2] [span10]Kim Oppelt, Community Relations Manager, Hobsons[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Panel: [/span2] [span10]TBD[/span10] [/row]

Rookie Camp for High School Counselors

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Grand Ballroom 6)

This session is for high school counselors with 5 or fewer years of experience in college counseling, and may be of interest to admission representatives who will be making the switch. Learn from an experienced faculty, all with prior college experience, in this comprehensive training on how to be a more effective college counselor. This is a great session for both public and private school counselors. You will leave with tools and suggested programing that you can implement at your school.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Secondary School Counselors[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]Terri Devine, Dean of College Counseling, Francis Parker School
Megan Diefenbach, College Counselor, Holy Names Academy
Nikki Danos, Director of College Counseling, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart[/span10] [/row]

Making $ense Out of the Financial Aid Process

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Emerald A)

Obtaining a college education is one of the most important life decisions a family will make. Financial Aid programs assist them in the process of securing the resources necessary to afford their college education. We know how much financial aid means to families in creating a successful college experience. We also know that there is a lot of information that is constantly being updated. In this session you will be provided with relevant information regarding the Financial Aid process. This session will help high school guidance counselors, college admissions representatives and others obtain a better understanding of the financial aid process to assist families with obtaining a college education.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Secondary School Counselors, Post-Secondary Admissions Professionals, Community College Counselors, Community Based Organizations[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]Tim Wolfe, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, University of Nevada, Reno[/span10] [/row]

Counseling the College-Bound Student-Athlete… A Whole Different Ball Game!

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Emerald B)

WHEN should a student-athlete start their recruiting activities? More importantly, HOW do they start the process? And WHO will advise them on effectively selecting appropriate target schools (based on their “athletic ability”), overseeing the production of college recruiting videos that get results, taking the proper Unofficial Visits, etc. Do YOU have the training, experience and knowledge to successfully advise your athletes on these activities? After 25 years of working exclusively with athletes, and giving presentations to many high school and independent counselors, it has become quite obvious that the majority of counselors have simply never had the opportunity to become properly trained and educated in the art of successfully counseling student-athletes . . .until now! Please join us at this session to fine-tune your expertise in the advising of athletes.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Secondary School Counselors, Independent counselors, Community College Counselors, Community Based Organizations[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]David Stoeckel, Independent Educational Consultant, College Recruiting Group
Bill Bufton, College Recruiting Coordinator, Valor Christian High School
Erik Ellefsen, Academic and College Counselor, College Recruiting Director, Valley Christian High School
Steve Bluford, College Athletics Advisor, St. Ignatius Preparatory[/span10] [/row]

Selective College Admissions – What every College Applicant Should know, A Case Study

Monday, May 18th 8:30am-11:30am (Emerald C)

Participate in an interactive mock admission committee led by admission professionals from highly selective institutions. Learn what discussions take place in the committees and where applicants stand out, and fall short in their applications. See how transcripts, test scores, activities resumes, recommendation letters and writing pieces are all used to consider merit and fit. Additionally, learn how demonstrated interest can impact an applicant’s decision. The lessons learned in this session will help you to prepare any caliber applicant to best position themselves to apply to their reach schools.

[row] [span2]Audience: [/span2] [span10]Secondary School Counselors, Independent Counselors, Community Based Organizations[/span10] [/row] [row] [span2]Presenters: [/span2] [span10]Kyle Graham, Upper Dean, Harvard-Westlake School
Matt Hyde, Dean of Admissions, Lafayette College
Jennifer Carlton, Director of College Counseling, Crystal Springs Uplands School[/span10] [/row]