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Noor Haddad, College Counselor


I’ve been struggling with the question – what’s your dream? Ever since I read Nikki’s blog post and was inspired and humbled by it, I have been thinking about the question on a daily basis …

Helicopter Educators


By Amy Pimentel, Financial Aid Outreach Specialist

College of the Sequoias


There’s been much discussion around the role of helicopter parents and overparenting, but I see high school and postsecondary institutions doing a lot of handholding and doing whatever …

WACAC in Sacramento and D.C.!


By Alyson Tom and Amy Brennen

WACAC’s Government Relations and Advocacy Committee (GRAC) celebrated yet another successful Sacramento legislative conference, where even more WACAC members learned to advocate for themselves and their students.

 During February 5th and 6th, dozens of